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Body Contouring Therapy
Body Contouring Therapy

Body Contouring Therapy is one of the best methods of slimming and contouring therapies today.

It is non-surgical, painless, gives no side effects and gives rapid results.
Hence, it is safe, practical and, most important of all, highly effective.

In Body Contouring Therapy, latest ultrasound technology producing the "cavitation" mechanism in dissolving fats, monopolar, bipolar and tripolar radiofrequency technologies, and soft laser treatment with vacuum therapy are all used one after the other or in expert combinations in order to make you get rid of your fats, tighten your skin rapidly and give you a good body shape.

Body Contouring Therapy is the ideal therapy for you to obtain your ideal body shape.

Body Contouring Therapy is the latest non-surgical procedure giving you rapid elimination of fats from any part of your body in a usual 10 sessions' course on the average.

Each Body Contouring Therapy session lasts around one and a half hours and is done without any local or general anaesthesia or incisions.

Each Body Contouring Therapy session allows you to lose from 1.5 cm to 6.0 cm on the average, sometimes even 9 - 16 cm maximum. We have recorded the fact that very obese people may lose up to 10 - 15 cm in a treated region as from the first session.

Duration and Costs of Body Contouring Therapy For Various Body Zones
No. Body Zone  Duration of Treatment Session
Cost Per Session
(MU rupees)
Cost For 5 Sessions
(MU rupees)
Cost for 10 Sessions
(MU rupees)
1 Abdomen one 10,000 50,000 100,000
2 Hips one 10,000 50,000 100,000
3 Love Holders one 10,000 50,000 100,000
4 Upper Back  one 10,000  50,000   100,000
5 Areas Under Both Arms one  10,000   50,000 100,000 
6 Back of Arms  one 10,000   50,000  100,000
7 Buttocks  one 10,000  50,000 100,000 
8 Outer Thighs (Culottes de Cheval) one  10,000  50,000 100,000 
9 Inner Thighs  one 10,000  50,000  100,000
10 Knees one   7,500 37,500  75,000
11 Calves one  10,000   50,000 100,000 
12 Double Chin  one 10,000   50,000 100,000 

N.B. Prices given here are approximate in order to give you an idea of costs involved. Final costs will be determined and given to you by the doctor during your consultation, mainly depending on the volume of fats to be removed and the size of the regions to be treated. 

It is normally advised to undergo Body Contouring Therapy for a specific given body zone with an interval of one week, i.e. one session per week for a period of 10 weeks or more, depending on the amount of fat in a certain region.

If you want, you may also have Body Contouring Therapy sessions for different zones of your body on different days of the week accordingly. Thefrefore, the treatment mode is as follows: only one zone is treated in one treatment session per week. Another zone may be treated on another day of the same week.