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Breast Enhancing Treatment
Breast augmentation with Macrolane breast filler - before & after treatment
Realize your dream - augment your breasts to the size you wish!
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Breast Enhancing Treatment Procedures consist of two major aspects:

1. Breast Augmentation
2. Breast Lifting

With age and baby deliveries as well as breast-feeding, women tend to have breasts which go loose and hanging and this tends to spoil the whole picture of a beautiful and healthy woman. Therefore, it becomes a matter of prime importance for women to take care of their breasts and do things to make the latter regain their plumpness and get lifted up. 

Other women are suffering from a too small size of their breasts and the case becomes worse if these are hanging. 
The size of the breasts and their hanging positions are not only a problem of physical health and beauty but also have a psychological bearing. 

Breast augmentation treatments are subdivided into three major types:

Non-surgical breast augmentation treatment


1. NON-SURGICAL BREAST AUGMENTATION TREATMENT with the use of the Digital Breast Perfector
In medicine, surgical and therapeutical methods have been developed in order to cause breast enhancing. Yet, our experience shows that therapeutical treatments are natural and cause no side-effects and give better results than surgical methods. Therefore, the VIP Laser Clinic introduces to you the latest method of therapeutical breast enhancement which is the Digital Breast Perfector. 

Working Principles of the Digital Breast Perfector
The Digitalized Breast Perfector is the most effective and direct breast building apparatus that works according to the basic principles of physiology and ultra-modern bio-electronics. Its physical suction therapy, its bio-electric pulsed therapy as well as soft photon therapy produce a synergistic and concentrated tonifying and stimulating effect on the skin, soft and muscular tissues that helps develop the muscles through exercise, the soft and skin tissues through their bio-activation, thus creating a feedback mechanism reaching the brain, especially the master gland known as the hypophysis that secretes more hormones. These hormones help the muscular, soft tissues (gland lobules, lactiferous ducts and sinuses, subcutaneous fatty tissue) and skin tissues to develop further, thus leading to the lifting and enlargement of the breasts in a very natural and highly effective way. Years of clinical use of this apparatus confirms that it does absolutely no harm to the human body whilst building up the breasts. 

Major functions of the Digital Breast Perfector are as follows:
  • Breast plumping
  • Breast lifting
  • Corrects nipple & chest
Non-surgical (therapeutic) treatment is offered in the form of a course of treatment of 20 sessions with a frequency of one session per day for a period of 20 days, except on Sundays and public holidays. Each session lasts an hour. Patient may carry on with all her professional and individual activities after a treatment session. Treatment should be avoided during menses.

Patients may need one or more courses of treatment until the expected degree of augmentation is attained.  
 Price of a course of 20 sessions of non-surgical breast enhancing treatment
No. Type of Treatment Price of One Treatment Session (MUR) Price of 
A Course 
of 20 Treatment Sessions (MUR)
1 Breast Augmentation Treatment 5,000 100,000
Prices given here are approximate in order to give you an idea of costs involved. Final costs will be determined and given to you by the doctor during your consultation, mainly depending on the severity of your case and the corresponding amount of treatment to be done in order to provide you the expected results. 

Macrolane Breast Filler

What is Macrolane?

The breast filler known as Macrolane was developed a few years back in Sweden, and is produced by the same company that sells Restylane, the top-selling wrinkle filler in the US, Q-Med. Macrolane has already been tested in the UK and Japan.

Macrolane is a gel that is natural and biologically degradable. It involves an uncomplicated injection treatment. Macrolane is based on hyaluronic acid, similar to the body's own hyaluronic acid.  

Macrolane is a safe product for simple injection treatment that instantly restores lost volume to your body for a look that is natural and unique for you.

Macrolane breast filler injection is a more convenient alternative to silicone breast implants. 

Benefits with Macrolane Breast Enhancement 
The pure, non-animal based gel is injected into the desired area to restore volume. The benefits of the injection treatment are immediate and long-lasting without being permanent. A single treatment with Macrolane can last up to 12 months. Your body slowly metabolizes the bio-compatible Macrolane gel. If you desire longer lasting results, you have the choice of re-treatments to maintain the aesthetic results. 

Macrolane is not a drug and has a composition similar to the substances that are already found in the body. Macrolane is a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) that is used as a filler for bust augmentation. Once injected under the skin, it stays there for a period of around twelve months, after which it breaks down gradually and is naturally absorbed by the body. However, cases are known where women “deflated” in nine months.

Being a filler, Macrolane is used both to correct asymmetry and to increase the bust size by a cup, but no more.

Macrolane requires less than half the healing time which implants take, with one week of wearing a support bra and two weeks of doing little to no physical activity. Risks are minimal, both for the health of the woman and for the way her body looks, in the sense that the gel injected can create lumps if certain conditions are not met, but this can be easily solved by gentle massage, or another set of injections with a solution meant to break the lumps down.

Patients very often don't want to have breast implants due to their "unnatural" look as well as fright of possible complications.
So, the very convenient variant to breast implants for breast augmentation is breast filler injection.

One session lasts approximately one hour and is good for a year.

The price of one session may normally vary between 30,000 MUR (1,000 USD) and 250,000 MUR (8,333 USD), depending on the amount of Macrolane to be used for breast volume restoration. The average price might, however, vary between 60,000 MUR (2,000 USD) and 150,000 MUR (5,000 USD). The exact price will be determined in your case during your consultation.