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Laser Treatment of Burn Scars
See the considerable improvement after only one session of laser treatment! 

However, normally one might need 3 to 5 sessions of laser treatment in general
in order to eliminate the scar completely! 
Scars caused by burns have constituted a major problem in the external appearance of people, if not in functional handicaps of their body parts affected by large scars, e.g the neck, arms and legs at joint levels. 

Nowadays, lasers are being used to solve the aesthetic as well as functional (movement) problems of the human being. Patients with hypertrophic burn scars usually seek treatment because of aesthetic issues or associated symptoms. So, either the patient considers the burn scar to be cosmetically unfavourable and/or it is functionally impairing. Associated symptoms, such as pruritus and dysesthesias might as well be present. 

Laser treatment of burn scars have been seen to provide good relief to patients in order to restore their aesthetic look as well as eliminate various degrees of functional impairment by scar lesions.

Such laser treatments are readily available at our clinic.