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As never before, obesity is becoming the biggest and most actual problem in our daily life. To have excess weight does not simply mean to have excess fats.To have excess fats in your body means creating danger for your health!
The presence of excess fats in your body may lead to the development of such diseases, as:
  1. diabetes mellitus;
  2. diseases of the cardiovascular system - fatty heart (a heart which has suffered fatty tissue dystrophy and is actually in a state of accumulation of fats around the cardiac muscle), ischaemic heart disease (coronary heart disease), hypertensive heart, cardiac failure, arterial hypertension;
  3. hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol level);
  4. arthritis and other joint diseases;
  5. sleep apnoea (suffocation during sleep);
  6. bronchial asthma;
  7. cerebro-vascular accident;
  8. depression;
  9. dementia (a condition characterised by a progressive decline of mental abilities accompanied by changes in personality and behaviour. There is commonly a loss of memory and skills that are needed to carry out everyday activities. An example of a dementia is Alzheimer's disease which represents 50 -60 % of all dementias);
  10. poor self-esteem;
  11. deterioration of eye vision up till blindess;
  12. gastro-oesophageal reflux;
  13. fatty liver disease;
  14. cholelithiasis (presence of gall stones in an inflamed gall bladder);
  15. pancreatitis due to cholelithiasis;
  16. kidney disease;
  17. various pathologies of the vertebral column;
  18. cancer diseases of the large and rectal intestines;
  19. cancer of liver due to cirrhosis of liver, related to the fatty liver disease;
  20. male and female infertility;
  21. etc.
The Importance Of Losing Excess Weight

These health risks clearly show us how important it is to lose excess weight even if you fell well at present. It is very difficult to change one's lifestyle - the habits of nutrition and exercising. You will be able to do this only if you will make a plan for yourself. In order to consider yourself obese, your body weight should exceed your normal body weight by 20 %. Normally, your body should have a weight that is considered normal for people of your height and bone structure.
From here, arises the absolute necessity to control your body weight and keep it normal.
All excess fats should be removed from the body.
This is the next question.