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Disclaimer & Office Policies

The material in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement with respect to any company, product, therapy or surgical treatment. 

Our company has tried to make the information on this site as useful and as precise as possible. However, there can be huge differences between choices of equipment and their performance, effectiveness and quality for each particular case.

Cancellations & Failure To Show For An Appointment
  1. Appointment times are specifically reserved for our patients.

  2. If a person is unable to keep his/her appointment, he/she is asked to please notify us at least 24 hours (1 day) in advance.

  3. A patient who fails to show for his/her first appointment, without calling to cancel, needs to make an advance payment for his/her next appointment to be scheduled.

  4. Many people wait several months to see the doctor and many patients call daily for appointments. So, when a patient fails to cancel an appointment where he/she is not showing up, he/she is depriving another patient from seeing the doctor.

  5. Exceptions, for extreme circumstances, such as mortalities of relatives/close ones, accidents, etc. may be made at the discretion of the doctor or director.

Telephone Calls
  1. Our treating doctor does not take phone calls from patients because of the high number of phone calls our office receives daily. 

  2. Any questions must be relayed to him by the secretary.
  1. Our treating doctor does not reply to patient emails directly due to the large number of emails we receive daily. 
  2. It is also convenient to e-mail the office through our website's Contact Section.
  3. If you wish to e-mail us with a question, please do so.
  4. Please do not email the office photos of your skin problems (scars, spots, rash, fats, etc.);  the doctor needs to see you in person during a consultation in order to evaluate your case properly and tell you which treatment is needed and how much it will cost.
  5. We do our best to reply to emails as soon as possible. However, if there is some delay, please bear with us. It means we have too many emails to reply.
Photographs & Claims Related To Them

Photographs throughout the site are meant for your kind information as per mode of treatment that interests you.  No claims or warranties are given that the same results can be guaranteed in another individual with a similar problem. Our company makes every attempt not to infringe on anyone's or any institution's property rights or copyrights or trademarks, and if this happens it is with no malicious or harmful intention and not willingly.  Anything on the site is intended as informative and educational.  Please notify us immediately and we will take urgent and immediate action to correct and remove any errors or accidental usages.

Our Services

Our services are generally classified as medico-aesthetic or cosmetic and are not usually reimbursible by insurance companies. Our office will not participate in any insurance or third party payor claims and will not be involved in filing insurance claims, medical saving plans, government or disability claims or any other paperwork.

This office operates as a laser spa type facility and all patients are expected to have a primary medical examination & care with their treating doctor for any health problems or issues before staring treatment here. If you are having a medical emergency and your primary doctor is not available, you are responsible for your care and it is our suggestion that you call an emergency service, such as SAMU. All costs are the responsiblity of the patient. 

Our office also charges for emailing, mailing, copying, inspection and administrative fees if patient's records are sent out.

Electronic and non-electronic (paper) records are the properties of the VIP Laser Clinic Co. Ltd.

The patient should provide with full and true information while filling in the consent form for any diagnostic check-up and/or treatment purposes and should as well provide with an identity card or a passport or a driving license in order to prove one's identity. 

All payments are made in cash or by Visa or Master credit cards. Cheques are not accepted for payment purposes.

All services at our office are non-refundable.

VIP LASER CLINIC Med Spa reserves the right to refuse treatment or a service to any individual or person, alter or discontinue any service, offer or coupon in its facility at any time.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment

Surgical and non-surgical treatment should only be determined after a personal consultation with our treating doctor.

Treatment and results vary from one individual to another. Our company makes no representations and specifically disclaims all warranties, express, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, potential treatment results, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any material contained in this site.

All opinions and comments on our web site are based on our personal opinions and experience as well as those of world recognized experts. You should seek the advice of a professional regarding your particular health condition for a specific diagnosis or treatment. 

Treatments started by you for the first time give results based not only on the efficacy of the methods of treatment used but also on the reactions of your body and other factors, including environmental, psychological, psycho-somatic, etc.

Very often, first treatments or treatment courses demand a necessary follow-up for medical observation and regular maintenance treatments as per the degree of improvement already obtained from previous treatments and as per the needs of time, i.e. due to ageing, malnutrition, dehydration as well as presence of parallel diseases, etc.

Your treating doctor is the only one who decides when and how to do further treatment. Many treatments can provide long-term benefits. However, some patients may not respond adequately or as expected to a treatment due to a weak immune and/or nervous systems and/or a dysbalanced hormonal system as well as other conditions such as allergy and liver inflammation, etc. In these cases, results might be insignificant due to inadequate reactions of the body and the skin in particular. Therefore, no guarantee is given to you before starting any treatment, be it medical (therapeutical), surgical or aesthetic as not only a highly effective treatment determines its outcome but also other factors, as just mentioned above, are responsible for achieving a proper outcome.  No one can guarantee a treatment's result before hand.

Prices Of Treatment

Prices of treatments vary as per seasons (season of festivities, e.g. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Divali, Ramadan, Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.). Please take notice that special offers are valid during a limited period of time. So, prices cannot be the same for time-periods before, during and after specific seasons.