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FemiLift - Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know whether FemiLift can help me?
    If you are suffering from one or more of the indications described in this site, FemiLift can probably help you. If you want to be sure, please feel free to call the secretary and book for a consultation with the doctor.  back to top

  2. Who administers the treatment?
    Only a trained medical doctor can treat patients with FemiLift.  back to top

  3. How long does the treatment take?
    A typical treatment takes under 30 minutes, depending on the case.  back to top

  4. How long will it take before I will be able to resume my normal routine?
    You should be able to resume your normal activities right after the treatment. There is no downtime.  back to top

  5. Are there any short or long term side effects or risks I should know about?
    FemiLift is completely safe and causes no side effects.  back to top

  6. Is the treatment painful?
    Absolutely not. It is a minimally invasive laser treatment and does not hurt.  back to top

  7. What if I want to get pregnant? Does FemiLift have any effect on my reproductive system or chances of getting pregnant?
    FemiLift is clinically proven, 100% safe and does not affect your reproductive system. Since it involves the vaginal area only, there is no risk or adverse effect.  back to top

  8. Is FemiLift suitable for women of all ages or is there a minimum/maximum age requirement?
    Yes, it is right for women of all ages.  back to top

  9. How is the treatment conducted? How long before any results are achieved?
    The treatment is conducted by a physician, who inserts a hygienic probe into the vagina, targeting the designated area with the laser. A standard treatment takes less than 30 minutes. Results are usually achieved immediately after.  back to top

  10. Is FemiLift a single treatment solution or do I have to keep coming back?
    Immediate results are achieved right after the treatment. However, in order to maintain these results, follow up treatments are usually recommended every half-a-year or yearly as the case demands.  back to top

  11. What happens if FemiLift doesn't work?
    There is no reason why you should not achieve the desired results. It is a highly effective treatment providing the aimed solution.  back to top

  12. I have more than one symptom. Can FemiLift treat all of them at once?
    Yes. Consult your physician to understand what the best protocol is for your symptoms.  back to top