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Face & Neck Photorejuvenation
Face & Neck Photorejuvenation
Photorejuvenation is carried out for the elimination of wrinkles and skin tightening, hence making the skin look younger and healthier.

Photorejuvenation (light rejuvenation OR rejuvenation by light) is carried out with the application of the latest high tech medical laser aesthetic technologies, namely Fractional Laser Treatment  or E-Light Treatment (Intense Pulsed Light combined with Radio-Frequency Treatment) which, at this day, give the best results in rejuvenating a person.

Normally, 1 - 3 sessions of Fractional Laser Therapy (not more than one session in a month) or 1 - 5 sessions of E-Light Treatment (not more than one session in a month) should be done in order to get the desired results. The first session is usually just a starting fundamental treatment which just starts to help improve your skin up to a certain extent. In one session, you cannot expect to have a perfect skin, and that too just after the treatment! Your skin consists of living biological tissues and it needs time to repair itself so as to please you with the results! This is especially important to understand if your skin has never been treated before and is in a state of need for first treatments. Even if your skin has been treated before, it still depends in which state it is when you come to the clinic and up to which degree it will react to any treatment it will receive here. You should definitely not expect to get ideal results in only one session as all treatments done at the VIP Laser Clinic are based on natural principles and no forcing is done to obtain results. High tech treatment based on natural principles is the best for the safety and welfare of your skin and prevention of side-effects.

Photorejuvenation is non-surgical and is therefore called non-surgical face-lifting. Non-surgical face-lifting is definitely preferred to surgical face-lifting, which is connected to the usual risks of surgery, such as infection, scars, side-effects of anaesthesia, etc. as well as to specific post-operative complications due to surgical manoeuvres on the face, such as rigidity of the overpulled facial skin leading to a frozen smile and inability to open the lower jaw properly as well as limited freedom of articulation during speech.  
Therefore, if you do photorejuvenation, you'll just need to do be patient and do as many sessions as required in order to give you the results you desire. Our photorejuvenation therapy will not give you any side-effects. You will as well be entirely safe from the risks and side-effects normally due to injections or surgical interventions as you will not be doing these!     

After a session of Fractional Laser Treatment or E-Light Treatment (done only at the frequency of one session in 4 weeks), the "nano-mask-photon" treatment course normally consisting of 3 sessions of regenerative, nutritive and hydrating nano-masks (produced thanks to the advances in nanotechnology and used especially after laser treatments) and soft photon therapy, is recommended to you only to improve your skin in a shorter time. However, this "nano-mask-photon" 3 sessions' course is only additional to the main Fractional Laser Treatment or E-Light Treatment session and cannot be considered as part of the Fractional Laser Therapy or E-Light Therapy session, especially when it comes to paying for these services

However, a session of Fractional Laser Treatment or E-Light Treatment followed by a course of 3 sessions of "nano-mask-photon" therapy is an ideal treatment for rapidly improving your skin photorejuvenation results until you do the next cycle of Fractional Laser Treatment or E-Light Treatment followed by another course of 3 - 4 sessions of "nano-mask-photon" therapy, if necessary.
 Duration and Costs of Photolifting/Photorejuvenation

No. Body Zones:
Face & Neck

Duration of Treatment Session
Cost per Session (MU rupees) Cost for 2 Sessions
(MU rupees)
Cost for 3 Sessions (MU rupees)
1 E-Light Treatment followed by Nano-Mask & Soft Photon Therapy  2.0 15,000 28,500 42,000
 2 Fractional Laser Therapy followed by Nano-Mask & Soft Photon Therapy  




3 Nano-mask (specially used after laser therapy)        & soft photon therapy
(to be done after Fractional Laser Treatment or E-Light Treatment - please read text)

1.5 - 2.0



N.B. Prices given here are approximate in order to give you an idea of costs involved. Final costs will be determined and given to you by the doctor during your consultation, mainly depending on the amount of lifting and repair to be performed.