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Revolutionary Clear Skin Acne Treatment
Optimized Process

Revolutionary Clear Skin Acne Treatment

The revolutionary laser treatment with the use of "Clear Skin", Alma Lasers' latest technology, provides you with amazing results within a few treatment sessions.

The tip of the "Clear Skin" sucks in the skin, cools it down simultaneously and eliminates the pimples (pustules) within fractions of seconds without causing any pain or side effects. 

The Clear Skin Treatment & Results

A treatment session for clearing away the pimples usually lasts between fifteen (15) minutes and forty-five (45) minutes, depending on the number of pustules present.

Results are readily visible as from the first treatment session. 

The skin regenerates rapidly after the treatment without leaving any scars. 

There is no downtime.

Flexible Utilization

Optimized Process

Enjoy A Flawless Skin

Therefore, you can enjoy a flawless skin through the power of healing with laser light after a few treatment sessions.

At the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa, we are proud to present you this unique technology to help you live an acne-free life, which also means stress-free. We help you ascertain the quality of your life.

Cost of a treatment session varies between 25,000 and 35,000 Rs, depending on the number and size of pimples present. Tailor-made package prices for a certain number of treatment sessions may also be available.