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Slim Laser Intervention - Laser Removal Of Fats
You are getting fat, overweight or obese? You are in danger of acquiring diabetes mellitus, cardiac disease, hypertension or another health problem related to excess fat deposits and excess body weight. There is a safe and rapid solution to your problem. You need to undergo a slim laser intervention in order to get rid of your excess fats and bring back your body weight to normal. In this way, you will also avoid other diseases like those just mentioned above. So, you are welcome to kindly consider the great opportunity you are being offered to get rid of your excess fats and restore not only your normal and well-shaped external appearance but also your health that is so precious to you for a better quality of life.   
The Best Way To Get Slim Rapidly & Safely

You are being introduced to the latest, safest and best method of instantly getting rid of your embarrassing fats!

Slim Laser Intervention is the most up-to-date, revolutionary, highly effective and safe laser intervention helping you to rapidly get rid of your fats from practically any part of your body.

We strongly advise you to go thoroughly through our pages Obesity and Complications of Obesity in order to understand what obesity is really and what dangers it does present to your health and quality of life. Then we guide you further to understand which procedures are existing for fat removal and what is the best procedure out of them all. Then only you are advised to read about the Slim Laser Intervention in order to understand and appreciate its tremendous importance in alleviating your obese or "excess fat" condition.

And only then you will come to understand that there is actually no better procedure than the Slim Laser Intervention to help you lose your fats instantly, fight obesity and cellulitis and remove all the dangers of obesity hanging on your health!

You will feel free of your excessive fats, your excessive body weight, of health complications coming from the presence of excessive fats in your body and ...

you will be happy to start a "NO HINDRANCE LIFE"!

The Slim Laser Intervention is performed with the help of a special laser in order to cause rupture of fat cells and convert solid fats turn into liquid oils, which are then removed with the help of a special medical suction apparatus. The body area treated by this method gets back to its normal size and shape immediately after the intervention.
Post-operative treatments for a period of ten days are mandatory for healing the wound beneath the skin and tightening the latter.  After that, the treating doctor decides whether the patient needs further treatment and for which time period. The patient may continue or stop his post-operative treatment only upon the advice of his treating doctor. No harmful side effects have been observed in the hands of our expert. Recovery is rapid and people return to their normal life-style within days.
Slim Laser Intervention is the latest and most advanced fat removal surgical intervention as latest developments in laser high technology adds to the mechanism of fat dissolving and its further removal.

Healing and recovery are much more rapid after a Slim Laser Intervention than after any other type of surgical fat removal, leaving far behind the traditional old-style liposuction.

No sagging skin, as after liposuction, is encountered after such a procedure in non-hanging  and moderately hanging bellies. For moderately hanging bellies slim laser intervention is recommendable as it helps remove all the excess fat deposits and tighten the skin adequately.

For apron-like or significantly hanging abdomens, slim laser intervention can be combined with abdominoplasty in order to give the best aesthetic results, i.e. a completely flat abdomen.

We can justly say that Slim Laser Intervention is the latest, revolutionary, safe and highly effective fat removal  procedure with maximal and ideal body contouring and sculpturing.

Please read the major differences between liposuction and slim laser intervention in order to find out for yourself what is the better procedure for you to undergo if you intend to do one. You will definitely understand that the Slim Laser Intervention is the better one.

Major Differences Between Liposuction and Slim Laser Intervention
Parameters Liposuction Slim Laser Intervention
Anaesthesia duration time Longer Shorter
Number of skin incisions More Less
Length of skin incisions Longer Shorter
Breaking down of fatty tissues More traumatic
because of mechanical breakage
 by metallic cannula use for this purpose
Less traumatic
because of laser melting of fatty tissues
Fat removal duration time Longer Shorter
 Bleeding Little or no bleeding  No bleeding due to laser coagulation of blood vessels
in the fatty tissues
 Skin tightening None Very good effect from the laser action
on the lower surface of the skin
 Pain after surgery Moderate or little pain Little or no pain
Healing process and recovery period Longer Shorter
Side-effects Few None
The Slim Laser Intervention gives fast results!

The Slim Laser Intervention is the most up-to-date, revolutionary, highly effective and safe laser fat-dissolving intervention to help you rapidly get rid of your fats from practically any part of your body. Slim Laser ruptures the fat cells' membranes and dissolves the fats into liquid oils which are then removed mainly by suction as only very little of these oils is drained out naturally via the lymphatic drainage system of the human body.

The Slim Laser Intervention:  

  2. Gives NO PAIN as it is performed under very effective local anaesthesia.
  3. Helps you AVOID THE SIDE-EFFECTS OF GENERAL ANAESTHESIA as the procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia.
  4. Gives FAST RESULTS as all fats are dissolved and removed immediately during the intervention.
  5. Is DONE QUICKLY - a zone of 10 - 15 cm2 is treated within 15 - 30 minutes. A full treatment session e.g for a whole abdomen may last between 60 - 90 minutes.
  6. Demands NO HOSPITALIZATION. You can have your procedure done and leave the clinic in 1 - 2 hours on your own. This means you are avoiding staying in the clinic and hence reducing your clinical costs. Moreover you can resume work as from the same or next day, depending upon your physical constitution and your immediate socio-economical obligations and needs.
  8. Gives NO SCARRING on skin incisions of 2 - 3 mm only. This means scars won't be visible after healing, except in rare cases when people suffer from keloid scarring tendencies.
  9. Gives MUCH BETTER RESULTS than traditional liposuction.

Our treatment is indicated equally for women and men and helps you avoid the risks of traumatic major skin incisions, major "en-bloc" surgical excisions of fats as well as traditional old-style liposuction. One avoids the after-effects of general anaesthesia too as we normally do the slim laser intervention under local anaesthesia.

Clinical studies have shown Slim Laser Intervention to be a safe and highly effective method of treatment for body sculpting and is being practiced today by experienced surgeons who practice aesthetic surgery as well as laser surgery/therapy.

We can reassure you that we can help you fight your obesity with much efficacy and eliminate your excess fats in kilograms in the best and most rapid and safest medical way possible!

Reducing your fats means reducing the danger of acquiring diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver and gall bladder disease, kidney disease, infertility, irreversible hormonal dysbalances, lower back problems, depression and other psycho-emotional problems, etc.

Fight your obesity now! Don't dream about weight loss by applying some expensive and useless slimming creams or drinking some slimming "tisanes" or even applying a strict diet. None of these will really help you.

You need a complex scientific approach to slim yourself. You need a medically guided effective treatment program where you will be thoroughly guided to see your fats going away, and you will be parallelly guided about how to improve your nutrition and life style, like giving away bad habits  (drinking, smoking, sedentary life-style) and adding good habits (balanced diet, drinking enough water daily, exercising) which are vital elements in maintaining the slimming results obtained with the help of our exclusive fat removal method which is the Slim Laser Intervention. 

Feel free to contact us!
It's for your health and beauty!
It's for you to feel healthy and happy!
It's for you to lead a healthy and happy life!


It's for being kind and helpful to others when you are healthy and happy!
It's for living a 'full' life and not being deprived of your 'dream' in reality!

And remember ... no price is big enough to give you a healthy and happy life!
  1. Which type of laser is used as Slim Laser?
    Slim Laser is a special type of high power laser which is used not to cut, coagulate or burn surgically but only to dissolve the fats into liquid oils.

  2. Does Slim Laser cause any harmful side-effects?
    No, absolutely none. Slim Laser is an absolutely safe medical tool in the hands of the medical laser expert.

  3. Are there any risks associated with the Slim Laser intervention?
    The risk is that associated with the possiblity of an infection occuring just like after any surgical operation or intervention. However, if you take the necessary precautions of not moistening your dressings with water or sweat, i.e. of keeping your dressings clean and dry, and of taking the medications, such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics (pain-killers) prescribed by your treating doctor as well as attending your post-interventional treatment sessions, you are sure to be on the safe side of not catching any infection and recovering rapidly with a quick subcutaneous wound healing process.

  4. How is the Slim Laser intervention carried out?
    The Slim Laser intervention is carried out within the sterile conditions of a laser operation room. The Slim Laser intervention is carried out in conditions of local anaesthesia for dissolving the fats into liquid oils. The main thing is that no pain is felt and no bleeding occurs during the intervention. The intervention is absolutely safe.

  5. Does the patient need to be hospitalized in order to receive the Slim Laser treatment?
    No, absolutely not. The patient is treated with Slim Laser on an out-patient basis. No hospitalization is necessary. The patient can go home in 10 to 30 minutes normally.

  6. Does the fat come back again in the region after the Slim Laser treatment?
    The fat does not come back again in the body regions treated by Slim Laser as most fat cells have been ruptured by Slim Laser and their contents have been liquefied and reabsorbed or sucked out by usual active suction method. The fat cells which have been destroyed cannot grow again and cannot be replaced especially after the age of puberty. Yet, some fat cells are not ruptured or destroyed during the Slim Laser procedure as these are needed to be left in order to nourish the skin as well as perform other physiological functions, It is exactly in case of over-eating that these few fat cells grow in size due to the excessive deposit of fats. However they don't grow in number. Therefore, your actual body shape cannot be worse than before in any case. However, it would be reasonable and ideal for you to follow a specific diet for keeping your weight down to normal, exercising for the same purpose as well as normalizing your life-style, excluding the consumption of alcoholic and tobacco products as well as regulating your stress level and sleep.


No. Body Zone Cost of Intervention + Clinical Costs (MU Rupees) Cost of 10 days post-operative care (laser treatment, dressings & binders included) 
(MU Rupees)
Total Cost
(MU Rupees)
1 Abdomen 75,000 50,000 125,000
2 Hips 65,000 50,000 115,000
3 Love Handles 65,000 50,000 115,000
4 Upper Back 65,000 50,000 115,000
5 Areas Under Both Arms 60,000 50,000 110,000
6 Back of Arms 50,000 50,000 100,000
7 Buttocks 75,000 50,000 125,000
8 Outer Thighs (Culottes de Cheval) 70,000 50,000 120,000
9 Inner Thighs (Cuisses) 70,000 50,000 120,000
10 Knees 50,000 50,000 100,000
11 Calves 60,000 50,000 110,000
12 Double Chin 40,000 40,000 80,000
N.B. Prices given here are approximate in order to give you an idea of costs involved. Final costs will be determined and given to you by the doctor during your consultation, mainly depending on the volume of fats to be removed and the size of the regions to be treated. 
The cost of the Slim Laser Intervention of a given zone includes the following:
  1. Cost of the Slim Laser Intervention itself with the use of a special laser for dissolving the fats and vacuum medical technology for sucking away the dissolved fats and restoring the normal body shape.
  2. Cost of the operation room facilities offered during the Slim Laser Intervention, such as conditions offering sterility in the operation room, cardiovascular, respiratory and pulse oximetry monitoring, drip administration, medications, etc.
  3. Cost of the medications used during the intervention and in the immediate post-operative period.
  4. Observation of the patient after surgery for a period of one to three hours in general before discharging.
 Cost of 10 days of post-operative care includes the following:
  1. Cost of the anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, pain-killing and skin-tightening therapeutic laser treatment at the rate of one session per day, amounting to 10 sessions in all. Please note that all sessions of such treatment are carried out on weekdays, excluding Sundays and public holidays.
  2. Cost of the removal of old wound dressings, cleansing of the operated zone, cleansing and medication of the sutured skin lines, laser treatment of these zones or spots and placing of new wound dressings. 
  3. Placing of adhesive elastic bandages to keep the skin in the operated area adhered to the underlying tissues after surgery.
  4. Placing of binders, one or two normally in order to help the area recover more quickly.
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